Why Do Agents Hold Open Houses

Dated: 06/10/2018

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Why Do Agents Hold Open Houses

So I know by now, you probably have heard that a Realtor that holds an Open House isn't doing it to market the home. Well that's true and not true. It actually benefits both the Seller and the Listing Agent.  Most of the time, we Realtors need exposure on our listings and what better way to get them out to the masses is hold an open house, market that open house and be there to greet buyers that may be ready to buy or just be nosey.  I currently hold my listings or another Realtor's listing open at least 2 times per month.  Again, this gives an excuse to market the home throughout the week with reminders about the open house, allows buyers who don't want to commit to an agent to walk in and out freely, and for the agent to look for buyers who may need a little help.

So the next time your Realtor suggests they would like to do an Open House on your home, it's not just for their benefit.  What does it hurt to allow one day to try and get the most traffic possible.

Happy Buying and Selling Everyone:)

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